Form Analytics

OCR based solutions have limitations when dealing with a diversity of forms as the user is required to configure each form type manually.


Parabole Form Analytics applies Cognitive Analytics to understand the key terms, their hierarchies, position and values within documents to structure data as per user requirements.

Build ML models with your data

Parabole’s form analytics solution enables you to train and deploy ML models to learn key business terms,  relationships and their contexts independent of document type.



  • Advanced image pre-processing including binarization and re-scaling delivers sharpened images.
  • Intelligent guessing produces key and value correction based on the context.
  • The Azure cloud service provides enterprise-grade security and infrastructure availability to meet any kind of volume demand.
  • Designed to deliver customized output based on the use case requirements.

Extract Keys and Values from any document type

Extracts Text, Keys and Values from tabular and non-tabular sections of a document without the need to manually label each document type.



  • Machine learning models help learn the domain, layout and placement within a document.

  • Transforms content from tabular and non-tabular sections into a structured format.

  • The structured content can be consumed easily by downstream applications for further analysis.

Use Cases


Arrest revenue leakage due to in-correct billing

Extract Keys and Values from different types of contracts and invoices to identify discrepancies and revenue leakages. 



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