Introducing alphaESG


ESG Research

Machine-based knowledge mining and cognitive analytics enable a smarter analysis of alternative data and identification of ESG risks at scale.   alphaESG is an analytical tool for researchers and fund managers to contextually analyze news feeds, corporate filings and research reports to uncover activity scores, risk signals and investment opportunities more quickly than your competition.

Automate ESG research at scale

AlphaESG is trained on ESG criteria (defined by to automatically extract ESG-related activity from any text-based source.
  • Discover ESG contexts present in financial news or research reports allowing for prudent screening and investment analysis.
  • Monitor ESG-related activity of any company against its industry/global peers in a near real-time.
  • Create your own  ESG frameworks research frameworks by selecting contexts for review and weighting. Your opinions and your scoring, not a third party.

Perform due diligence on client documents

Machine assisted analysis allows for a deeper investigation into clients documents to assess their ESG compliance. 
  • Analyze documents and compare “the promise Vs reality.
  • Root-cause analysis for specific changes in the company’s ESG performance.

Use Cases


Identify ESG related opportunities from news feeds

Empower analysts and researchers with tools to analyze millions of news …


Capital Markets


Discover ESG risks in your portfolio companies 

Uncover ESG related risk, build due diligence files and report findings within a single environment.

Financial Research

Banking & Fin Services


Automate due-diligence of target cos

Analyze millions of contracts and invoices to identify discrepancies and revenue leakages


Capital Markets


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