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Why depend on a third-party ESG

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make ESG an integral part of your strategy


Asset Management Cos

Create your own ESG frameworks by selecting themes that are important for you. Your opinions and yours scoring, not a third party.



Create your own ESG frameworks by selecting themes that are important for you. Your opinions and yours scoring, not a third party.


PE firms

Machine assisted analysis allows for a swifter investigation into clients documents to assess their ESG compliance


Simple & Powerful


Search ESG News

Deep-dive into the exact news article filtered for ESG criteria for a company or theme in few clicks

Monitor ESG Trends

Track how your portfolio companies are performing for each of the SASB’s General Issue Categories(GIC)

Disclosure Analytics

Easily analyze any ESG related documents (e.g 10k, company disclosures, research reports or any other ESG related documents without manually reading it.


a solution for every business case

Asset Management Company

Get a sense of how your portfolio companies are dealing with ESG risks


It’s impossible to sift through millions of pages of documents to keep track of everything thats happening within your portfolio companies. 
An AI driven approach allows you to
connect organizational ESG performance
to its overall stated goals.


Get an outside-in perspective of your ESG risks


Investors are continuously evaluating how you are handling ESG risks and how these risks affect your companies sustainable competitive advantages. 
Failure to invest in areas related to ESG risks could lead to sudden and dramatic risk events leading to sudden erosion in competitive advantages.

Private Equity

Fast track appraisal/ due-diligence of target cos


PE firms are increasingly making
investment decisions based on past ESG
performance to attract new investors to
their firm.
Assess how ESG is affecting Equity
valuation, Risk and Performance of your target companies.

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News  Explorer: Search ESG related News of target companies intuitively

Portfolio: Monitor ESG activities of individual companies

Analyze News: Identify ESG related signals within the news

Dashboard: Track ESG trends for a given portfolio


See some common questions and answers below

What is alphaESG solution? How it works? Who can use it?
alphaESG is an automated way to discover ESG related risks and opportunity signals of any company from publicly available information such as news or research reports. The subscription delivers timely and material insights based on the SASB framework for identifying sustainability issues. 
alphaESG parses unstructured data such as news reports, research reports or disclosures from 90,000 companies to help the user form an independent perspective on a company’s ESG activity, reducing or eliminating the reliance on black box scoring models.
alphaESG users include ESG practitioners, research analysts, fund managers, portfolio managers, AMC’s and quantitative analysts exploring risk and opportunity signals for their research.
How is alphaESG different from others? How do you score a report or a News article? What does high or low ESG activity level indicate?
alphaESG’s fundamental value is to provide the user the ability to contextually analyze news articles or research reports or disclosures of a company through the filters of ESG General Issue Categories (GIC). It highlights specific paragraphs that speak to each ESG category so that relevant information for your research can be found quickly and easily.
alphaESG, provides an overall score as well as specific performance for individual categories for a particular company on a scale of 100. Higher score indicates stronger contextual relevance or signal of a particular ESG category. The scores are meant to reflect ESG activity by company/portfolio for each ESG category. The scores are meant to reflect the ESG activity by company/ portfolio based on SASB’s materiality map standards including 5 Sustainability dimensions and 26 General Issue Categories, which makeup SASB’s framework.
High or low activity doesn’t indicate positive or negative sentiment nor does it reflect compliance or non-compliance with SASB guidelines, rather, indicates the extent that news items for a company around certain ESG categories.  
What is the nature of our association with SASB?
Parabole has partnered with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) to integrate the SASB Materiality Map into the alphaESG solution. alphaESG also uses SASB; Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS™) classifiers to categorize companies into 10 vertical industry sectors and 77 industries (across 11 sectors) in accordance with a fundamental view of their business model, their resource intensity and sustainability impacts, and their sustainability innovation potential. All covered companies are mapped to a specific SICS™ code and industry category.
Which companies are covered under this subscription?
The coverage includes approximately 90,000 companies, both publicly listed and private across U.S, Europe and Asia.
Can I upload my own documents for review?
Yes, for Enterprise plan version the subscription allows users to upload documents in any form (Word or PDF). However this feature is not available for Basic and Professional Plan subscribers.
How does alphaESG determine which information is relevant for ESG or Sustainable Investing?
alphaESG is trained on SASB ESG framework using Parabole.ai’s class leading Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing technology. We have trained SASB’s definitions of General Issue Categories (GIC) to train our machine learning models. It is trained to identify any textual content that thematically represent the 26 General Issue Categories of SASB.
How secure is my data in alphaESG?
alphaESG is hosted on AWS which provides world class scalability along with core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality with their comprehensive services and features. Your data 
is kept secure at the company/account level within your tenancy. Your data, portfolios, custom strategies or themes are always kept segregated and accessible only to you.
How do I subscribe to alphaESG? What are the different subscription plans?
We offer four main types of subscriptions:(a) Basic edition,(b) Professional edition,(c) Enterprise edition, and (d) Trial or 30 day Limited Use Free Subscription. The Basic edition includes public and private companies in the United States. The Professional edition includes public and private companies in the US, Europe and Asia. 
The Enterprise edition includes all the Professional edition’s features along with client specific investment definitions and user defined heuristics. All services listed can be accessed through 

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