Conversation Analytics

Customer sentiment is easy, finding root causes is crucial. Parabole conversation analytics trains itself in your domain and tags the contents (CRM agent notes, Social Media posts) much like a subject matter expert. 


An ideal tool for CX professionals to track the customer journey and understand customer aspirations, preferences, affiliations from user-generated content.

Analyze Customer Interactions at scale

Pool cross-channel conversations and automatically classifies them based on user-defined themes.
  • Measure NPS and CSAT scores in real-time from customer-generated content.
  • Discover trending topics and themes expressed by customers from any source.
  • Identify high-impact areas that affect NPS.

Monitor Competitors activities and trends

Analyze a collection of industry/competitor documents and automatically organize them by topics of interest.
  • Track share of voice among competing brands. 
  • Track how the competition is performing against the same set of KPI’s.
  • Discover what’s not working for your competition and generate ideas for product/service enhancement.

Use Cases


Customer Journey Analysis

Map customer journey and discover product and process improvement ideas.



Banking & Financial Services


Audience Analysis

Track profiles of Promoters and Detractors from user-generated contents and build “Lookalikes” for customer acquisition.



Banking & Financial Services


Chatbot Analysis

Analyze millions of CHATBOT conversations to understand root causes and call of action.


Banking & Financial Services

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